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At the beautiful Yantai on the shore of mountains and seas, Yuanhua people adhere to the management philosophy of "innovation, efficiency, collaboration, and development", with the mission of "serving customers, caring for employees, and benefiting society". They always adhere to the principle of meeting friends with morality, establishing the city with heart, and sailing with customers through ups and downs, depicting a beautiful picture of development side by side.

The ideal of Donghai people is to build a competitive seamless steel pipe manufacturing enterprise. We adhere to the core concept of creating value through quality, forge ahead, and constantly surpass. In the face of the ever-changing market and fierce competition, we continue to innovate in management and technology, and with full energy and enthusiasm, we strive to provide customers with high-quality products and service support. We are steadily growing step by step on the path of achieving 'high-quality manufacturing, industry serving the country'.

Along the way, Donghai people who have experienced confusion, testing, and exploration have gradually matured, indicating a firm belief and perseverance in dreams. Humanity creates through dreams, and the world is perfect through creation. In the future journey of pursuing dreams, we are not alone with your company. We will contribute to your career with a more stable, pragmatic, and open attitude, and work together with you to create a brilliant tomorrow!